About CWM

Covenant World Ministries, ( CWM ), is an international missions organization  who’s main purpose is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through out the world. Our main focus is India; with a population of over 1.2 Billon people India is quickly becoming the most populous nation on earth. The Indian people are presently made up of 82% Hindu, 12% Muslim, 4% Christian. It is clear we have much work to do.


 CWM’s objective is to reach the most vulnerable, the children of India. The children above all are the most likely to be abused. Our approach is to reach these children before the abuse (forced Labor and Sexual trafficking) has an opportunity to rob these kids of their childhood, while maintaining its purpose of spreading the gospel. We accomplish this by going to India (hands on), to do the work needed, direct funding of support for our Child Rescue Homes and Orphanages and partnering with established indigenous groups within India. We seek out groups with proven track records and partner with them when its more cost effective to achieve our goals.


CWM believes in and continues to send groups to India to maintain our hands on approach.  While in country our teams visit our sponsored Child Rescue Homes, and Orphan Homes. This confirms to the sponsored children in these centers of our commitment to them, and verifies the centers progress in the growth and development of the children they work with.


All of our work is Church centered. We have and will continue to partner with Church, outside organizations and individuals for our support.


In Mark 16:15 Christ commands us to ” Go yea into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature”. This we hold as our command. It is understood though that all people can’t go, but all people can support, so some can go!


So which are you? CWM need both and most importantly Prayer. Our request to you is this.


  • Lift us in prayer continuously!

  • Prayerfully ask God, what can I do?

  • Follow the leading of God!