Americans Think Its Hard!

My Dear Brother & Sister.

Michael we greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Here we give water Baptism to the two people this man is father of her.
First his wife took water Baptism. When his wife took water baptism He
got angry as he was Hindu orthox and anti Christian,
He tried his level best to stop her to go to church, several times He
beat her and treated her cruelly .He did not give money for her to
maintain house and for cooking.
He brought Hotel food for his three children but not for his wife.
She suffered lot but did not give divorce though her parents suggested
her to give divorce to her husband .One day he poured kerosene and
and burned her but neighbors saved life. But still she stayed with
her husband since she was saved she has been praying for her
husband. One day God heard her and ours prayers and God spoke with him
while he was talking with us.
He confessed sins and attended our fasting prayers in the month of
December and took water Baptism along with there daughter
please pray for his family so that they will grow in Grace.