Testimonies of the new converts

We have special meeting in the village called Meduru where our pastor Venu who was converted from high caste has been working with me since 23 years.
In our special meetings some new women attended, among them two women who confessed their sins.
1. This woman was from upper caste as pastor Venu was from, She was pure Hindu Orthodox and worshipped several thousand Gods and Goddesses. One day she became sick and went to many doctors, but to no use so she came to us and attended our meetings, she did not tell what was her sickness but she requested me to pray for her sickness, I prayed for her, on third day she came to us and said she was healed and also said she accepted Jesus Christ as her God by leaving her all the Gods and goddesses. She said she wanted to take water Baptism.
2. This woman was from the Tribal people these are the untouchable caste, they are the pig keepers, these people also believe in several thousand Gods and Goddesses, she was possessed by evil spirit so the community people brought her to our meeting we prayed for her she was delivered from that Spirit. She also took water Baptism.