Where ever we traveled we have been finding thousands of orphans, destitute single parent children who are uncared for, unwanted and totally neglected by the society. Some are from AIDS effected families. They are forced to live on pavements and in some unhygienic places. The particular children between 5 to 14 years of age are often seen picking rags, working in small restaurants as waiters, washing utensils bigger than themselves and begging in all common places such as public parks, bus stations, Railway Stations in Public Market places and so on. Some children often turned to criminals and quite a number of in mature girls are sexually raped and abused and some are sold to brothel houses.

Now children of our happy homes are not feeling that they are orphans. They say JESUS is their father and love is their mother. We take special care of each and every child, by observing their attitudes taste and talents. We develop them spiritually, physically and mentally. Our orphanage provides food, clothing and shelter. We also provide soaps, shampoos, hair oil, Books, Pencils, Bags, shoes according to their educational standards. These children pray 7 times in a day.

In their leisure time they sit with My Wife Mary Grace and with my daughter Sharon Thomas, with me to discuss their problems, school activities and studies. Every Sundays and on Public Holidays these children go out and distribute Bibles, Tracks, in and around the places where our orphanages are established. At present we have 9 orphanages with 200 orphan children. Since 30 years we have been served 5000 Orphan children.

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