Testimony by Mrs. Rambhai:

“I live in Kanpura. I was an idol worshipper. My house was filled with Hindu gods and goddesses. Family members and I offered ‘poojas’ regularly. During this time, I was possessed by a demonic spirit. The demonic spirit tormented me greatly and I was going through a lot of painful experiences. I wanted to be free from my hellish life, but did not know the way out and no one came to my rescue. While I was anticipating a Savior, God sent His servant Pastor Sonu Singh, Pastor , He has visited me several times with his wife and prayed for me. I was impressed and drawn to God. The power of God was taking over every impulse and thought in my body and mind. It is like the dawn. As the light came in, the darkness disappeared. Now I am free from the demonic spirit. The good Lord Jesus became the Lord of my life. It is a miracle for my family and me. I have removed all the Hindu idols and photos of the gods and goddesses from my home and thrown them in the Arabian Sea. I am so grateful that Pastor Singh and His wife PINKY SINGH Pastor Singh, taught me the Bible truths that I had not known before. My family and I will serve the Lord Jesus, who created the heavens and the earth. Praise the Lord! I am happy and going to took baptism soon. Thanking u so much.